Why HODL SPADES Tokens, and what is HODLING anyway

HODL as Strategy and Philosophy

Ever heard of “HODL”? well it is a great strategy and philosophy for those with SPADES Tokens.

HODL is a meme, based on a now famous drunken rant misspelling of hold, that means an approach to cryptocurrency investing that shuns trading based on short-term price moves.

Hodlers wash their hands of  volatility and prognostication. They simply hodl, which helps them to counteract two common destructive tendencies for crypto investors: FOMO (fear of missing out), which can lead to buying high, and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), which can lead to selling low.

For hard-core believers in cryptocurrency, known as maximalists, HODL represents more than a strategy for reigning in FOMO, FUD, and other profit-eroding emotions.

These true believers hodl because they think cryptocurrencies will eventually replace fiat currencies and form the basis of all future economic structures. They, therefore, see that the value of cryptocurrencies versus the fiat exchange rates will only increase over time.  Of course along the way there will be some volatility, that is to be expected because cryptos represent nothing less than the change from the old industrial age (fiat) to a new information age (DEFI).


Due to the design of the SPADES community, the Token should grow in value over time for a number of economic, charitable, and social reasons.  Those who HODL (hold) their tokens should see it rise in value, The more people who join the community through sales of their items, referrals, as a result of charitable give-aways, and as an alternative to more polarizing social media platforms; the more the SPADES Token should be worth.

Unlike almost all cryptos, demand for the SPADES Token is not based just on the sale in exchanges, it is actually more dependent on the size of its community. 

Any demand for the commercial aspects of the community (Member sales, Prosperity Program, Events, etc…) are defacto demand for the Token.  As funds come in to the community from sales, the cash or crypto received are used for purchasing SPADES Tokens on exchanges.  The more purchases, the higher the value. 

The Tokens purchased are placed in a community wallet (online account for SPADES Tokens) and they back the community “Cloud Credit” received by the Members.  Those Cloud Credits  can then be cashed out for SPADES Tokens.

So, earn or buy Cloud Credits, cash them in for SPADES Tokens, and HODL them since as the community grows, so will the value of your SPADES Token holdings.

The SPADES community creates its own demand for Tokens in the same way a fire (once it grows enough) can create its own weather.

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