What is TDkRYq2FcqT8G3f1kKCjMybhQunE43oe2n

TDkRYq2FcqT8G3f1kKCjMybhQunE43oe2n, is the SPADES Token wallet address for the SPADES Community Bank Wallet. The wallets holds TRX (TRON), SPADES, and a few other TRON based cryptocurrencies.

As people either earn or purchase Cloud Credits in the SPADES Community, the SPADES Admin team uses the funds (crypto or fiat) received, to acquire SPADES Tokens.

The SPADES Tokens acquired are placed in the Community Bank Wallet so that they are available for users when they choose to cash out their Cloud Credits.

SPADES Tokens act as backing for the community Cloud Credits. For this reason, as funds are received into the community, this wallet address will use TRX to purchase SPADES from the swap pool. Once we are listed on a traditional public exchange, we will purchase our SPADES from the exchange with cash, or cryptocurrencies.

As the community grows, the SPADES Admin team will be purchasing SPADES Tokens on a daily basis to acquire the necessary SPADES to cover all cash-out requests. The whole idea of the SPADES Token is that it can act as backing for, and an exit for, the community’s non-blockchain, stable, global barter credit. The community allows users from around the globe to engage in commerce on a peer-to-peer level, just like eBay, Etsy, and others.

SPADES Members can sell items at auction, in our shop, even tickets to events and classes. They are remunerated for their sales in Cloud Credits, they can use those credits to purchase items from other Members, or cash them out for SPADES Tokens. In order to make sure there are always enough circulating SPADES Tokens to cover cash-out requests, the SPADES Community Bank Wallet continually purchases back our own SPADES Tokens. That is what TDkRYq2FcqT8G3f1kKCjMybhQunE43oe2n is.

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