Members may vote for just one of the charities nominated for a SPADES Charitable Award listed in the Voting Poll below.  Please vote just once on each poll.   To find out more about the charities nominated, please visit their links located below the poll, and you can discuss them in the Charitable Giving Group.

Past winners of a SPADES Charitable Award, can be found here.

Next Charitable Award Recipient Live

  • Mission for Advancing Theological education (MATE)
    25% 3 / 12
  • WE
    16% 2 / 12
  • ASMIN – Anishinabek Solutrean Metis Indigenous Nation
    58% 7 / 12
  • Kinshasa Community Center
    0% 0 / 12

Nominee Links: Mission for Advancing Theological education (MATE)     –     ASMIN     –      Kinshasa Community Center   –  WE

As other issues come up, such as new community developments, or votes for additional Community Board of Advisors Members, those polls will also be located here. 

We will inform you when it is time to vote by placing that information on the Community News and Updates section at your Dashboard main account navigation page.




Charitable Nomination Form

Nominate a charity for the next vote using this form.

Your real name
Your username in the SPADES Community
Please enter your email on file in the community
Who are you nominating to receive a charitable award
What is website of the organization? If they don’t have a website put N/A and explain why
Who should we contact at the organization?
Provide the email of the person at the organization
Phone number, WhatsApp, Skype, or Telegram
Tell us why have you chosen this organization to nominate
Please type “confirm” or “unconfirmed” that contact person at organization is aware of the SPADES community, and this nomination

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