What happens if I am unsatisfied when I purchase from another Member?

Category: Community Site FAQs

Before you purchase an item from another Member, especially those that require shipping, we suggest you visit the Sellers’ profile page and check their reviews and rating status. If they have bad reviews, you should probably not purchase from them.

To view a Sellers’ profile, click the Seller’s username found in the product offering, next to “Sold by”, and that will bring you to the Sellers’ profile page. 

In the example shown below, Seller is “PeaceDay“, click on PeaceDay (Sellers’ username), to be brought to their profile page, from there you can check their reviews and rating status, as well as contact the Seller in advance of your purchase using the live chat or message function before you make your purchase.

Site Administrators are not responsible, and can NOT refund your purchase if you are unsatisfied. 

If you have an issue with your purchase, you must contact the Seller to request they refund you the price of your purchase. You may also submit a “PURCHASE COMPLAINT” to site administrators by clicking here. If we receive a complaint we will do what we can to help, multiple complaints against a Member may result in their account being suspended.

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