What fees are there on this site?

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There are very few fees in the SPADES Community, but there are some to cover the costs of certain actions. These include:

  1. When you purchase something with a credit or debit card, the merchant processing fee of your purchase is passed on to the user. These fees generally range between 3.5% and 3.98% of the transaction. In most cases, the community (not the user) will still incur a small loss of funds from these fees. Our merchant processor, STRIPE for example, charges 3.5% plus .49 (49 cents) per transaction. For those who wish not to incur these fees, we suggest you purchase Cloud Credits with cryptocurrency to fund your account, and then make purchases paying with the Cloud Credits.
  2. When you Cash Out your earnings on the site, called “Cloud Credits” (each is worth 1 dollar U.S.), there is a 2.35% blockchain transaction fee. When you cash out your Cloud Credits, our admin is sending SPADES Tokens to your wallet address over a blockchain, all blockchain transactions have some fees to cover the energy used by the people (often referred to as “miners”) that provide the consensus, or “proof-of-stake” for the transaction.
  3. While there is no fee to list something for sale or auction, if you sell something in the Shop, the seller will have 2.85% of their sale deducted from their proceeds as a fee to the seller for the sale of their product. This is used to cover ongoing costs of providing the sales functions in the community.
  4. There is no fee for sending, or receiving by request, Cloud Credits from another Member. We have chosen not to charge a fee for this at this point so that the Cloud Credit can be utilized as a peer-to-peer barter credit for the unbanked. Any two people who have an account in the SPADES Community, can physically, or digitally, exchange a good or service with one another and pay each other in Cloud Credits with no fee.
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