What can I do with SPADES Tokens?

Category: SPADES Token FAQs

There are three main things you can do with your SPADES Tokens, they are:

  1. You can hold your SPADES Tokens in your wallet as an investment that can go up over time.
  2. As the SPADES Token are paired with other Tokens, you will be able to swap/trade them for other coins like ETH or Bitcoin.
  3. As SPADES Tokens are listed on exchanges, based on the exchange, you would be able to sell your SPADES Tokens.

At present, SPADES Tokens are an altcoin (Alternative Coin), and only a few exchanges allow direct conversion to cash. However, you can convert them to other coins that exchanges do allow direct cash payouts on sales for. We expect the value and interchange of SPADES to grow over the next year. As a relatively new altcoin, it is best to simply hold on to your SPADES while various options increase for its exchange with other Tokens/Coins which can easily be sold for conversion to regular dollars, euros, etc…

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