What can I do with SPADES Tokens?

Category: SPADES Token FAQs

You can hold them as an asset that can increase in value, or you can swap them for TRON (TRX) Tokens.

Once you “swap” for TRX, you can then trade for other cryptocurrencies, and even get cash out through exchanges like Coinbase.

The SPADES Community Administrators are currently in talks with other traditional cryptocurrency exchanges for additional public listings of the SPADES TRC20 Token, including some that offer direct cash-outs to your bank account.

We are aware many of our members are new to the crypto world, we are making videos that show you how to do a “swap”, which is a trade from one currency to another. Once you have swapped/traded SPADES for TRX, you can move your TRX to one of the larger and more supported Tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc… you then move them for sale to a large exchange to receive national fiat currencies like the U.S. Dollar, Euro, Yen, Peso, etc… Depending on where you live in the world, you should google Crypto Exchanges to find one you can use as your ultimate exit point.

In the future, businesses that wish to accept SPADES Tokens will also be able to do so by use of plug-ins such as MyCryptoCheckout. Additionally, you will be able to use SPADES Tokens to purchase Cloud Credits on our site. Presently, our Members can purchase CCs with TRON (TRX), and USDT crypto; SPADES will be added to the list.

Lastly, in the future other online communities will be joining with the SPADES ecosystem, meaning that our CCs and SPADES Tokens will be accepted in those communities as well.

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