How Do I Cash Out My Earnings?

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To cash out your earnings, called Cloud Credits (they are equal to $1.00 U.S.), you must:

1. Login, and click on “Dashboard” in the upper right corner.

2. Click on “Cloud Credits / Bank” in your navigation options.

3. Click on “CASH OUT” button.

4. Choose the number of Cloud Credits you wish to Cash Out, don’t choose more than you have, or it won’t work, and be sure to put your SPADES wallet address in the field where it is requested. Your SPADES Tokens will be delivered to that address, so please double-check you have the correct address.

The system will then automatically calculate the number of SPADES Tokens you will receive based upon 1) the current value of the Token (located here), and 2) taking into consideration the blockchain transaction fee. You will then receive an email, to the email address on file in your SPADES Community account, informing you of the Tokens to be sent, and where (the wallet address you provided) they will be delivered.

It can take some time for your delivery, please check your SPADES Wallet and inform us if anything is incorrect.

Cash Out Process In The SPADES Community
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