How Do I Add SPADES To A TronLink Wallet

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Here are easy-to-follow written instructions for getting your wallet and adding SPADES. If English is your first language you may wish to just watch the video at the bottom of this page, otherwise, written instructions are provided for those who are translating this site to another language. The translation languages are available in the upper right corner pull-down menu.

To get a TronLink wallet, please visit

Then, install it on either your phone or as an extension to the Chrome browser. Whichever you prefer, You can have it on both your phone and computer (as a Chrome extension), choose just one first, and then you can add it to the other later.

Once added, set up your wallet by following the instructions. Keep a copy of your 12 seed words, DO NOT lose them, it is the only way to recover your account should your computer or phone break.

Once your wallet is set up, look at the bottom of the wallet for the words: “Asset Management >”, (SPADES is an “asset” of TRON), and CLICK ON ASSET MANAGEMENT. It looks like this:

On the next screen (shown below) you will find a box at the top, in it, you type SPADES. The box looks like this.

When the SPADES Token shows up, click the + symbol to add SPADES to your wallet. Once you do, it should make a checkmark like this.

You now have SPADES. Your wallet address is the one shown above with all letters, and will always start with a “T”. In the example above, the wallet address for this wallets SPADES Tokens is: TPVhJPdGPSVfnQj795VZ7pK5qf9pJjWbsW.

Just click on the wallet address and it will be copied. Keep your wallet address handy for copy and pasting. Copy it and email it to yourself.

When you want to cash out your earnings on our site, you will need to paste your wallet address where asked. Then we can deliver your SPADES to your Tronlink wallet.

Still need help, please watch this video.

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