Do I Need TRON (TRX) Tokens

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You do not need TRON (TRX) to receive SPADES Tokens to your wallet, however, you will eventually need a very small amount of TRX in order to move, sell, swap, or stake your SPADES.

All blockchain transactions (and SPADES runs on the TRON blockchain), use energy that incurs a cost. When you want to move, sell, swap, or stake your SPADES Tokens, the currency used to pay for the energy for the transaction is paid in TRX. So yes, eventually you will need a small amount of TRX to do any of those things.

When you first get a wallet for SPADES, it may tell you it is not “active”, that just means you have no TRX, but you can still hold your SPADES Tokens, they are just not available to be moved.

We are working on means that our Members can easily buy $5.00 (Cloud Credits) worth of TRX right from our site, just to activate their wallets with TRX. You can also buy TRX directly from over 130 exchanges, including Klever, Bittrex, eToro, and others. Many of our Members have Klever wallets, you can buy TRX directly from your wallet and have them added to activate your account.

One of the reasons the SPADES Administrators choose the TRON protocol to be on is that the energy cost is among the lowest of all blockchains; generally less than a dime per transaction. Other blockchain fees, such as Ethereum, can run to over 100 U.S. dollars, and higher. Bitcoin transactions are slow, and expensive, whereas TRON transactions (including SPADES), are very fast and inexpensive.

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