Can I Sell Things Here?

Yes! You can sell any number of things. We provide you with a shop to sell things in, as well as an auction. You can also offer classes, or events, and sell tickets to them.

With your earnings, paid in our community Cloud Credits, you can buy things from other Members, or cash out for the SPADES TRC20 cryptocurrency. This is a great way to ease into the whole crypto thing by earning from offering something for sale.

You can even upload a book, video, or other files that you wish to sell, and when people purchase them, they are delivered right here on the site as a digital download. If you have a class to teach people would pay for, sell it here as an event. A book you want to self-publish, sell it here. An event to sell tickets for, sell it here.

We want everyone to have equal access to share their knowledge, skills, services, or products they make with the global digital marketplace.

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