Questions about the SPADES crypto Token

Do I Need TRON (TRX) Tokens

You do not need TRON (TRX) to receive SPADES Tokens to your wallet, however, you will eventually need a very small amount of TRX in order to move, sell, swap, or stake your SPADES. All blockchain transactions (and SPADES runs on the TRON blockchain), use energy that incurs a cost. When you want to move, …

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What can I do with SPADES Tokens?

You can hold them as an asset that can increase in value, or you can swap them for TRON (TRX) Tokens. Once you “swap” for TRX, you can then trade for other cryptocurrencies, and even get cash out through exchanges like Coinbase. The SPADES Community Administrators are currently in talks with other traditional cryptocurrency exchanges …

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How can I purchase SPADES Tokens?

You can currently purchase SPADES Tokens in two ways: Purchase Cloud Credits on the website, and Cash Out those Cloud Credits for SPADES Tokens. The Tokens will be delivered to the wallet address you provide. The process is explained in the video below, and at: Swap them on our pool exchange located here. …

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What is the SPADES Token Contract Address?

The SPADES Token contract address is: TPVhJPdGPSVfnQj795VZ7pK5qf9pJjWbsW You can find all the information needed about the SPADES Token on TronScan, just click here.

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