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Questions about the SPADES Community webite

How do I get help using functions on a page?

View the Documentations page. Each page has a help button function, it is the question mark “?” in a circle. Click on that and the following help options will become available to you.

What happens if I am unsatisfied when I purchase from another Member?

Before you purchase an item from another Member, especially those that require shipping, we suggest you visit the Sellers’ profile page and check their reviews and rating status. If they have bad reviews, you should probably not purchase from them. To view a Sellers’ profile, click the Seller’s username found in the product offering, next …

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How Do I Cash Out My Earnings?

To cash out your earnings, called Cloud Credits (they are equal to $1.00 U.S.), you must: 1. Login, and click on “Dashboard” in the upper right corner. 2. Click on “Cloud Credits / Bank” in your navigation options. 3. Click on “CASH OUT” button. 4. Choose the number of Cloud Credits you wish to Cash …

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How can I purchase SPADES Tokens?

You can currently purchase SPADES Tokens in two ways: Purchase Cloud Credits on the website, and Cash Out those Cloud Credits for SPADES Tokens. The Tokens will be delivered to the wallet address you provide. The process is explained in the video below, and at: Swap them on our pool exchange located here. …

How can I purchase SPADES Tokens? Read More »

How do I contact the site Administrators

Please use our contact page, or you may email us at: Charity related questions: Cashing out Cloud Credits related questions: General questions or feedback: For videos on using the site functions, please visit: Documentation Page. To find specific pages on the site, please view Quick Links.

How Can I Nominate A Charity For An Award?

To nominate a charity for one of our Awards, you need to be a Member. Just fill out the form located at, and we will review your nomination. If it is a verified cause, we will then post your nomination to be voted upon by the community.

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