Special Projects

Special Projects are coordinated, cooperative ventures
between our charities, Membership, and businesses.

Access Points

To address economic growth of those living in poverty, particularly in emerging markets where many people subsist on less than $5.00 a day, and for them to grow without further depleting natural resources of their local eco-systems will require something entirely new – access to the Information Age. More

SPADES Tokens were created for helping to fund the type of special projects listed here. By properly utilizing new technologies we can relieve pressure on people and the environment. Achieving this will require a common global community, with a common token of exchange (currency), where even the poor can create digital wealth and where value is created from human elements of creativity (music, words, art) rather than by exploitation of natural resources.

SCALE: Social Cooperatives and Local Exchanges

Social Cooperatives are not just for developing nations, you can do it locally anywhere!

One of our more innovative support projects, called a SCALE, charters a cooperative at the local level. A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations. Working closely with the Prosperity Program, all Access Points are provided a step-by-step plan for implementing a local private community Co-operative. More (bottom half of page taken to is SCALE, top of page is ACCESS POINTS)

Prosperity Program

This is a special wealth building program for our Members. There are a couple of options for the Prosperity Program, this won’t be for everyone, but for many it will make perfect sense, and result in wealth that comes in SPADES! More

If you are a Member of our community and have a Special Program you would like to propose please let us know by joining our “Special Projects Group”.

“In cyberspace, the threats of political violence that have been the alpha and omega of politics since time immemorial will vanish… Microprocessing has created entirely new horizons of economic activity that transcend territorial boundaries. This transcendence of frontiers and territories is perhaps the most revolutionary development since Adam and Eve straggled out of paradise …”

The Sovereign Individual: How to Survive and Thrive During the Collapse of the Welfare State

Copyright 1997 by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Reese-Mogg

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