SPADES Community Launch Breaks Crypto Mold

For immediate release: SPADES Press Release, 9/14/21 –

SPADES Community Launch Breaks Crypto Mold!

The SPADES Community & Cause-Based Token has officially launched its online community.  This truly new idea in the crypto space, with crypto being a secondary consideration to the platform’s global, non-blockchain barter credit, uniquely serves the needs of the unbanked and developing world users.  It also offers immense utility and value to first-world users.  

As a non-profit endeavor, SPADES supports individuals and charities.  Charities are supported with bi-monthly awards, the award winners are both nominated by, and voted upon by the SPADES Community Members.  To nominate the charity of your choice, you can join their community at

SPADES also supports individuals, providing them with an integrated account that includes a banking feature that even the unbanked can use, plus the ability to earn by offering remote (or in-person) classes or events for sale, selling items in a shop or at auction, and job opportunities.  For those who have no items of their own to sell, SPADES offers a digital affiliate product to sell that will pay Members.  With the affiliate model, 3rd world users can sell to 1st and 2nd world users, thereby earning personally, at 1st world compensation rates, with the additional advantage of importing wealth from the global marketplace into their community for local circulation.

Users who earn from the platform receive the SPADES community credit, called a “Cloud Credit”, they can use these to purchase items from other Members, trade them locally for goods and services, or cash out their earnings into the worldwide crypto space for the SPADES TRC20 Token.

What is unique is that any two people in local proximity to each other can use their SPADES Community earnings as a barter credit, they need not necessarily export to crypto. A person who earns through their own sales, or the affiliate marketing options, can, at no-cost, send some of their credits to another account holder who has food, or dresses, or any other thing they may need.  Charities supported by SPADES are setting up community center “Access Points” starting in Africa and India, to facilitate local barter, and provide computer access for those who need it.

Beyond being of service, the SPADES model also offers great potential for those who simply invest in the Token.  As funds come into the community from P2P or platform affiliate sales, those funds are used to purchase SPADES Tokens off an exchange, or as is currently the case, a swap.  On a daily basis, any revenue to the SPADES Community becomes a demand for the Token, ensuring continual Token purchases from the community itself.

Community Members who earn from sales are paid directly to their SPADES account bank, in Cloud Credits, therefore the community admin account purchases SPADES daily to back those Cloud Credits. Members who earn more credits than they can use on the platform itself, cash-out to the SPADES Tokens already purchased.  As explained on their website, SPADES Tokens were created as “backing” for any type of community credit or barter system, both online communities, and physical local communities.   

SPADES is already in talks to expand their backing model to include other online sites, including one designed for the sale of NFTs which will be lodged on a blockchain, and one for recording digital rights IP on a blockchain. The SPADES Token can be reviewed at the TronScan Blockchain explorer, and it’s current trading price found on JustSwap.

As for the backing of offline community currencies, no integration is needed, Members of any private group simply need an account at SPADES to move the Cloud Credits between each other as P2P transactions.  There is no fee for the transfer of credits between Members.

As to utility, SPADES may be one of the very best examples of what can be done using a cryptocurrency. Its utility is to empower individuals to engage in peer-to-peer transactions globally.  Their hub, with additional sites to act as spokes, is already an integrated Internet-of-Things.  Members can find jobs (Linked-In), sell items at auction (eBay), in the shop (Etsy), host a social profile (FB), or groups (Tribe), and even sell affiliate products.  This integrated one-stop site is especially significant for 2nd and 3rd world users who don’t have their own computers (where they can save their passwords) and need to use a computer at their school, library, or local charity.

SPADES was specifically designed to offer an equal, global playing field, where users from the 1st world, 2nd, world, and 3rd world, can all have an equal voice, and capacity to earn, together.

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