1 Year X-SIM Sponsorship

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The SUPER SPONSORSHIP Challenger only 1000 USD with the promise to get 1-year Free Advertising, to participate in the new Championship Series the
DF-Super League.
Just for your thoughts. WE will certainly be focused to make DC/DF Stand out and Overtake its competitors. (No Competitors yet, DC is the Only One in this Niche market)

WE, here a C-SiM Racing, are attached to the SIMracing Industry. That is where WE concentrate on as you may be aware of it.  OUR tasks for promotions are based upon the SIMracing eSport at large.

We have 180K of SIM Drivers in iRacing, most of them are spending money on an expensive eSport. Our plan is to capture many of them and their teams to have for them a pathway to growing their financial capabilities and therefore stability.

By offering this form of  Sponsorship it is on long-run for FREE for YOU, as we will pay a great Return of Sponsorship (ROS), allowing YOU to nearly recover YOUR funds spend for sponsoring eSport X-SiM Racing Championship promotions, and being able to race with us in e.g. the DAVE CAPITAL X-SiM Championship or any other we will create, even for you or your company etc.

We are sure it makes easy sense.

From the 180K+ drivers that iRacing has, constantly between 5-9K on members racing online.
iRacing is a Competition Simulator and allows racing every minute of the day if drivers are around. 99% of them, are searching for Sponsors or support.

What WE are doing, is to offer you a chance, that you can do the sponsoring yourselves by investing a small sum of 1K USD and get started earning an ROS of this Mirco Sponsoring every single month.

With an ROI that over 1 year generates nearly, or a bit more funds, as when you started with 1K.

By us giving you a Monthly ROS that compensates for the sponsored funds spend.
Note, if you go above 1K USD, YOU can actually earn more money as the sponsorship has cost to get started.

Keeps yourselves or your eSports/ SIM Racing Teams well afloat.  You will be recommending it to others, we are sure, who want to do the same as you did.
Hope that makes sense,!! WE have a very special Niche market

Event location:
Event start time:
December 9, 2023 4:20 am
Event end time:
December 9, 2023 4:20 am

Here we will show and offer you a very unique niche market opportunity to advertise your business, charity, social club, church, NGO, or ministry.
The Niche is very simple. You pay for your Advertising with a Micro Sponsorship.
The value to get started is 1000 USD. Contact us through our profile page for more info or questions.

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