Creating Life Contracts – eBook

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This is about the power of  your thoughts, what you will accept, and what you won’t.  Becoming more aware will lead you to greater self  mastery with ease and grace.  Anyone who truly desires greater harmony, love, well-being, and peace in their life can use this book to discover the unconscious contracts that hold them back, and replace them with new life contracts that are empowering, and supportive.  It can truly change your life.

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Creating life contracts,  is the primary consideration in constructing a way of being and living that can powerfully impact the world.  More than a book, it includes easy, written exercises for actively leading a positive and fulfilling life.

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This work is absolutely amazing. After working with the Life Contract formula Kyra helped me realize that I have the power within to heal myself, my relationships, and manifest my dreams. Her work will change the way you are living and help your heart sing with joy.~Tonya Whitehouse, Denver

“Kyra’s work with the contracts that we carry was life changing for me. It is like a bridge from our past to our future desires. She identifies how our unconscious beliefs hold us in repeat cycles and how we can declare change – and then it happens!”~JoJo Mulvihill, Eugene

“This book is absolutely an eye opener. It is an amazing way to help realize how much we carry within us since our birth by unknowingly agreeing to agreements. Kyra’s work helped me recognize those agreements and ultimately understood we have the power to let them go easily and lovingly. Then a new reality starts unfolding! Such a joyful experience.”~Jimmy Chugh, Denver

“The work I did with Kyra helped unblock the first obstacles in my way to self development and put me on the path to becoming a healer.”~Karine Calhoun, Portland

“Just reading your book changed the way I interact with other people. I feel more comfortable asserting what I’d like based on my new contracts.” ~Magen Martinez, Palm Springs

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