Sell SPADES Tokens

Until SPADES Tokens are available on a public exchange for redemption, the SPADES Community Bank will purchase your Tokens, and pay you out through PayPal, or another cryptocurrency. The value of the SPADES Token fluctuates daily based on buy and sell orders (like any other cryptocurrency), so please contact us for the sale price.

As with any exchange, if you redeem through the community, a blockchain processing fee will apply, plus any fees charged by the platform you choose for your method of payment. To inquire about selling your SPADES Tokens, please fill out the form below and a representative will get in touch with you.

Numerical number of SPADES you wish to sell
SPADES Wallet address you would be sending the SPADES Tokens from?
Your username in the SPADES Community
Which cryptocurrency do you want to swap/trade/sell your SPADES Tokens for? Please choose ONE. If we have inventory of that crypto we will swap with you.
Your email to coordinate your SPADES Token sale.
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