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Commerce Pages

Shop: See what Members are selling

Jobs: Looking for job or worker, go here.

Events: Events or Classes offered by Members.

Cloud Credits / Bank: All your banking needs, cash-out, buy, send and receive Cloud Credits.

Account Dashboard: For logged-in users, navigate all options from this page.

VIP Prosperity Program: Your tools and earnings if a Member, if not you can join.

Post Item For Sale In Shop: Add a product for sale in the shop.

Post Item For Sale In Auction: Add a product or service for sale in the auction.

Post Event or Class For Sale with Ticket Sale: Add tickets for sale to your event or class.

Prosperity Program for Charity Fundraising:

Prosperity Program in Spanish:

Prosperity Splash A:

Prosperity Splash B:

Your recent orders:

 Your Shipping and billing addresses:

Edit your password and account details:


Social Pages

Site Members List: All the Members, Users may remain private.

Social Home Page: Social activity home.

Groups: Find, Join or Create Groups.

Blog: SPADES Community Blog posts.

Charity Award Winners: Who has been awarded.

Vote: Members may vote for just one of the charities nominated for a SPADES Charitable Award listed in the Voting Poll

ACCESS POINTS & S.C.A.L.E.: Design for developing nation access and local community barter credit. 


Charitable Nomination Form: Nominate a charity for our bi-monthly awards.

Report A Bug: Let us know about problems with the site.

Purchase Complaint: Make a complaint about a purchase.

Contact Us: Contact Form.

Prosperity Club Loan Form: Can’t afford VIP Prosperity Club, contact us and we will loan it to you.

Prosperity Club Charity Fund-Raiser Request: Are you a non-profit that wants a free VIP Prosperity Membership to be used as a fundraiser? If so apply here.

Prosperity Program Show Guest Requests: If you’re a Member of the VIP Prosperity Club, and want to be a guest on our show, this is where to apply.

Sell Your SPADES Tokens: Need to sell some SPADES, let us know.

Prosperity Club Refund Request: Not happy with your VIP Prosperity Club, request a refund here.


Site Information


Site/Cloud Credit: What is it and why do we use it.

Get A SPADES Token Wallet: videos for getting your own SPADES Token wallet address, three providers listed.

Charities: Who we support and how.



Privacy Policy:


Community Purpose: Why we are here.

Token Purpose:

Tokenomics: Token release and value information


White Paper:

TronScan: Public record or SPADES Token Transactions

Legal Opinion Paper:


Businesses: Businesses who accept SPADES Tokens.

Our Story: History building up to the creation of the SPADES Community and Token.

Oversight & Governance: The party and specific Committees responsible for management of the site.


Charities We Support Links

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