New to this whole crypto thing, find it confusing but don’t want to get left behind?  You’ve come to the right place! 

Our Model

FREE Accounts for charities, use this as a global fundraiser, you can also nominate your favorite charity for an award of 50,000 SPADES Tokens!

For You
Education, Opportunity, and Wealth
  • Access to FREE Cryptos – for life!
  • Education if new to Crypto
  • NO-RISK, Refund Guarantee
  • Exponential returns on Club referrals, See Comp Model below
  • FREE giveaways including community coupons
  • Sell items to our Members
  • Valuable live classes taught by internet & crypto experts

Prosperity Program

Only $25.00

Never pay more.  Lifetime Membership! 
*Refund Guarantee

This is about far more than just cryptocurrency, it is  about a global community where everyone is treated equally, everyone can earn, everyone has a voice, and charitable causes are supported.  To stimulate wealth in the community, wealth for you, we created the Prosperity Program.

With our easy compensation model (see below), you earn a lot, use that wealth for purchases from community members, or, cash-out and earn in SPADES!  The SPADES crypto token will keep rising in value due to its relationship with the community.

Earn, Learn, and Prosper!

Club Referral Compensation

Earn commissions for the people you refer (your circle), plus 3 additional degrees of circles.  In the example below, only 2 levels are shown, but Member got paid 70 times!

Even a single referral can return 100s of $s in value to you.

Compensation Model: As a VIP Club Member, every person you refer is placed in your personal circle, and pays a return of $5.00 in value to your account.  But it doesn’t stop there.

Your referrals create a circle as well (group 2 in the picture) from which you also get $5.00 in value FROM EVERY PERSON.

Those people also create a circle (group 3), again you get $5.00 in value FROM EVERY PERSON.

One last time referrals from group 3 create a circle of referrals (group 4), and you get $5.00 in value FROM EVERY PERSON!

Payments add up rapidly  (math below), most of your rewards come from others referrals. Together Everyone Prospers!

VIP Club Value!

In the private VIP Club group,  you will find experts on various topics related to the internet, such as:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Internet Scams to be avoided
  • Newest Cryptocurrencies with potential
  • Successful ways to market the Prosperity Program, make even more
  • Best ways to cash out or swap your cryptocurrency, including SPADES Tokens
  • A wide variety of other topics.  Ask questions and an appropriate expert will answer you!

Don’t get left behind, this truly invaluable access to our experts will ensure you prosper from the ever-increasing opportunities of technology, cryptocurrencies, and new internet sites.

We made sure this is worth far more than the $25.00 cost, and if you are unsatisfied after 60 days, use the *refund guarantee. Refund requests will be few and far between due to our amazing club referral compensation model, most people will earn far more than the cost very quickly.

Community Value

We are not just a Club, there is a whole community here.  You can do so much.  Take a look at what is in our community and what you can do.  

Loans for those in need: Not everyone can afford $25.00 for this opportunity, especially 3rd world users for whom this could make all the difference.   We offer a loan program and simply deduct back the first $25.00 they earn. 

To apply for a loan program Membership in the Prosperity Program VIP Club, please fill out the form located here.

*Refund Guarantee: If after 60 days you are unhappy with your purchase, we will refund your entire $25.00 purchase in SPADES Token cryptocurrency.

Refund form located in your account

Disclaimer, if you have earned from referrals, only the amount less the earnings will be refunded.

A Little Math

If the average person referred just 3 people (some people will do far more, some less) you would receive over $400.00 in value back.

If it averages out to 5 people, you receive over $3,000.00 (Three Thousand) in value.

At 10 (less than 1 a month over a year) it is  over $55,000, here is how:

1st Circle: Your circle of people you refer is 1 x 10 @ $5.00 per sale = $50.00

2nd Circles: 1st circle 10 x 10 sales = 100 @ 5.00 per sale = $500.00

3rd Circles:  2nd circle 100 x 10 sales = 1000 @ 5.00 per sale = $5,000.00

4th Circles: 3rd circle 1000 x 10 sales = 10,000 @ 5.00 per sale = $50,000.00

Above based on an overall average, point is you can earn a lot more than $25.00, and there is no limit on anyone’s referrals

Why This Model?

We want as many people to prosper as possible.  Consider this, if any person (including you) referred an average 10 Club Memberships in a year, and we paid only 1 person (you, the seller) the whole 80% commission, then you would earn just $200.00 in that year ($20.00 x 10) sales. 

With our model, the same average of 10 sales a year (less than 1 a month per person) you would earn $55,000 in value on those same sales! Which would you prefer?

We know not everyone will refer 10 people, but some will refer far more (you can refer as many people as you like), some will refer less, some not at all so overall as an aggregate 10 is a very achievable average.  For those who choose not to refer others, they get fair value from the opportunities and education included in the Membership.


As you earn commissions from sharing with others, you receive our community Cloud Credits, each of which is worth exactly One Dollar U.S.  Please be aware, you do not earn U.S. Dollars, you earn it’s equivalent in Cloud Credits.

Cloud Credits can be used to purchase items from other Members in our community, or cashed out on this site for the SPADES TRC20 Cryptocurrency.  The cryptocurrency is delivered to your wallet, find out more about that process here.


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  7. What Else Can I Do With My Account?  We provide you with an entire community, from social profiles, groups, job boards, shops, auctions, and all in one place.  Why have 10 accounts when you can access it all, integrated, in just one easy-to-use-location.
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