The SPADES "Prosperity Program"
VIP Club Membership

Charities, schools, and approved community programs will be provided the program free as a fundraiser option. Individuals who need help to participate will get it, that option is described below.  Everyone should prosper!

Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain

Here is what you get, and what it is all about.  Together, everyone prospers!

What You Get!

  • Directions to Free Crytpocurrency giveaways and promotions worth over $100.00 U.S. – Profit immediately!
  • Exponential payments on referrals
  • Priceless Educational Information
  • Community Features
  • *Money-Back Guarantee
  • All for only $25, ever! Never pay more

Prosperity Program is our specially designed private VIP Club Membership for opportunity, education, and a way to easily earn (a lot!),

From the start you will receive directions to get FREE cryptocurrencies, through giveaways and promotions, worth more than the one-time cost of only $25.00.  These freebies will keep coming through the club.

Best of all, we pay an astounding 80% Commission, shared across 4 degrees of connected circles, for any club referrals.  You get paid on both your own referrals, and many others from your circles, generating payments to you over, and over and over.

This isn’t only about earning wealth through crypto, it is also about education and opportunity that can be priceless.

As a VIP Club Member, you:

  • Get access to global markets for buying and selling in the SPADES Community.
  • Can share your own programs with Members in the club.
  • Are invited to attend valuable live classes taught by Internet experts.
  • Can create your own groups.
  • Are invited to participate as a guest presenter on the Prosperity Program Livestream show.
  • Can help fund your favorite charities.
  • Earn from referring others, as only a Member can refer a new Member.
  • Participate as much, or little, as you like.  Take advantage of only those things that are of interest to you!

In the private club group, located on this site, you will find experts on various topics related to the internet, such as:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Internet Scams to be avoided
  • Newest Cryptocurrencies with potential
  • Successful ways to market the Prosperity Program,  earning you even more ongoing returns
  • Best ways to cash out or swap your cryptocurrency, including SPADES
  • A wide variety of other topics.

We made sure this is worth far more than the $25.00 cost, and if you are unsatisfied after 60 days, there is a *money-back guarantee.  Refund requests will be few and far between due to our club referral compensation model, where you can easily earn far more than the cost very quickly.

If the average person referred just 3 people (and some people will do far far more, some less) you would receive over $400.00 in value back.

If it averages out to 5 people, you receive over $3,000.00 (Three Thousand) in value.  

An average of 10 per person each year, is over $50,000.

Charity Fund-Raisers: Charities, schools, and local non-profit organizations such as youth sports teams, or spiritually based groups (churches, temples, etc…) can request a free Prosperity Program Membership as a fund-raising tool by filling out the form located here.

Loans for those in need: Not everyone can afford $25.00 for this opportunity, especially unbanked users for whom the ability to market a digital product to first-world users, and be compensated, would make all the difference.  We developed a program where we loan the $25.00 to the person in need, and simply deduct back the first $25.00 they earn from marketing the Membership. 

To request a loan program Membership in the Prosperity Program VIP Club, please fill out the form located here.

What you earn, the “value”: The $5.00 in value that you earn is paid to your account here on the site using Cloud Credits.  Each Cloud Credit is worth the same as $1.00 U.S.  You can use Cloud Credits to buy things from our Members in the shop, auction, or events; or you can cash out your Cloud Credits for the SPADES crypto Token. This is a perfect entry into cryptocurrency for those who are new to it, and a great way to get a lot of crypto for those who already work with it.

How You Earn

You earn commissions for the people you refer (your circle), plus 3 additional degrees of circles. In the example below of only 2 levels of the 4, the Member referred 7 people but got paid 70 times! That is $350 in value. Plus, it keeps going!

*Money-Back Guarantee eliminates any risk. 

Compensation Model:

As a VIP Club Member, each person you refer creates a new circle from which you begin earning commissions.  As stated above you get paid on not just your own circle or referrals, but many other people’s as well, this increases your profits significantly.

The model we are using,  Group Affiliate Marketing, creates ongoing payments  even if you are not the one who directly refers a sale, why? to ensures wealth is shared to the community, and more people prosper.

On the 4 degrees of expanding circles, you get paid $5.00 in value of the total $20.00 commission paid out on every $25.00 sale.

But we are not only about ways to earn, we are all about the greater community.

Back to what you earn: Consider this, if any person (including you) refers on average of 10 Club Memberships in a year (less than 1 a month), and we paid only 1 person (you, the seller) the whole 80%, then you would earn just $200.00 ($20.00 x 10) value for those sales.  With our model, that same average of 10 sales per person,  you would earn over $55,000 (Fifty-Five Thousand!).
Which would you prefer? 200 or 55,000?

We know not everyone will refer 10 people, but some will refer far more (you can refer as many people as you like), some will refer less, some not at all.  Overall as an aggregate, 10 is a very achievable average.  You may make more, or less, but by easily sharing this online with your personalized  link, you will definitely prosper, and if you don’t then request a refund.

For those who choose not to refer others, they enjoy fair value for the education the Membership provides, such as access to free crypto, coupons, shows, and experts.

The cycle operates precisely the same for everyone. This is marketing anyone can do, from anywhere in the world.  Even people in the 2nd and 3rd world can market this opportunity from their phones, school computers, or the charitable organizations’ computers we support through our charitable awards and Access Point projects.

This tried-and-true, 100% legal marketing methodology assures that those who do the most marketing are the most rewarded. 

Don’t get left behind, this truly invaluable VIP access will ensure you prosper from the ever-increasing opportunities of technology, cryptocurrencies, and global internet markets.

*Money-Back Guarantee: If after 60 days you are unhappy with your purchase, we will refund your entire $25.00 purchase, minus any earnings you received, in SPADES Token cryptocurrency. 

Scroll down, there is more!

Why This Concept

We choose to offer this digital product, that is  inexpensive, and worth more money than being charged for it, so that everyone has a means to make easy sales that really earn some value. 

Because it is digital, there is no shipping, anyone can share it from anywhere, and it is delivered right here to you in the community.

There are no recurring payments, no commitments, and at the low price of $25.00 there is minimal risk.  To make it NO risk, we offer the money-back guarantee.

This should make it easy for anyone to share and sell, resulting in more Members earning.  

The objective of this program is for our Members to prosper, and access a very valuable educational Membership (the product).

By providing the product, the platform, the delivery, and of course paying out $20.00 in value of the products $25.00 cost, we have an equation that should work for anyone.

This type of marketing has many names, the biggest company, Amazon, calls it associate marketing.  Whatever name you call it, paying people to sell a product for you (so you can sell more units), or to pay others to get even more sellers (so even more is sold)  is a tried, true, and successful form of marketing online. 

As a Member has earned thousands of dollars in value, paid in our site Cloud Credits, they can cash out those credits (worth $1.00 each) for SPADES Tokens, or visit the auction and marketplace where their new-found wealth can be traded between Members for goods and services from across the globe.

This is a win-win-win scenario for everyone.

Come prosper with us!

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