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MiicC: Making Informed Independent Choices

Tired of political partisanship, but you still want to participate and have civil discussions?
We are four Parker residents and active community members who came together to create this forum because we feel it is needed to bring civility. This a forum for communication and listening. We can agree to disagree. There is a rise of the centrist. Unaffiliates constitute the largest group of registered voters in this state and in the nation. It is time for us to come together to have civil and productive discussions. Our focus is on local politics and all current events.
We welcome anyone, regardless of political affiliation, to come to our group to have civil political discourse. We understand that emotions are running high from the past four years and we respect people’s boundaries. However, we want to try to get back to basics and focus on policies, issues, and candidates.
  • #Civil discourse for the betterment of all


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Start today to create a positive path towards joy and success by letting go of old patterns and write your own contracts.

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Business consulting, including cryptocurrency use or investing.

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September 23, 2021
She's the best

About Me

Kyra Dawn Storojev

Healer, Helper, Mother, Human, Technologist

I am here to help, as an author, a Reiki Master, mother, broadcast interviewer and friend to the Earth.  See my book, Creating Life Contracts, in the SPADES Shop.

I have been an on-air broadcaster explaining technology for CBS TV in Los Angeles, authored my first book Enter The Internet at the inception of the world-wide-web.   I was the Editor of MOM Magazine, and am a Reiki Master who loves to help people find greater happiness in their lives.



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