How To Get SPADES Tokens

The video to the right will show you how to buy Cloud Credits and then cash them out for SPADES Tokens.

First, however, if you are going to acquire SPADES Tokens, you will need to have a SPADES wallet address for the SPADES to be delivered to. 

We suggest using the TronLink wallet. Instructions for obtaining a TronLink wallet can be found here.

If you prefer a different wallet, such as Klever, or Trust, please click here to find out how to get your wallet. 

You must specifically add the SPADES Token asset to your wallet.  This is explained in the videos here.

Step-By-Step Instructions

 First you purchase credits, using the “ADD CREDITS” function, then you cash them out for SPADES Tokens. The steps are:

  1. Create an account, and login.
  2. Visit your “Cloud Credits / Bank” function.  If you are logged in, it can be found here.
  3. Click on “ADD CREDITS“, and enter the amount in Dollars (each credit is equal to a dollar) you wish to purchase. The minimum is 10, and currently the maximum is 100.
  4. Purchase the credits using a credit card (STRIPE), or with Bitcoin (BTC), or TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency.
  5. In your “Cloud Credits / Bank” function, now click on “CASH OUT“.
  6. Enter the amount of credits you wish to cash out in order in to purchase SPADES Tokens. You purchase using Cloud Credits, which are equal to a dollar.
  7. The system will automatically calculate the blockchain transaction fee, and tell you how many SPADES Tokens you will receive.
  8. Enter your SPADES Token wallet address, this is where your SPADES Tokens will be delivered.  Please double check your wallet address is correct, and that it starts with a “T”.  It should look something like this:  TDkRYq2FcqT8G3f1kKCjMybhQunE43oe2n
  9. Click “PROCEED”.
  10. Check the box to confirm that the amount you are cashing out, and your wallet address is correct.
  11. Click  “SUBMIT”.

It generally take 3 minutes to process your request.

IMPORTANT:  SPADES Community admin is NOT responsible for any wrong wallet address provided. Please be absolutely sure your wallet address is correct, if it is not, your tokens will be lost.  Due to the nature of the blockchain, once Tokens are sent, they can not be retrieved.

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