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Access To Information Age Wealth

The purpose of this community is to provide people from all over the globe with a safe and equitable location to earn, learn, and ultimately prosper in the Information Age. An equal playing field, using the same “community currency”, allows people from diverse nations, backgrounds, talent pools, and cultures to come together and create something that will be of benefit to everyone who participates.

Information technologies provide us with that potential, they have ushered in not an evolution in the industrial age, but an evolution to a whole new age, the Information Age.

If we come to realize that ages are defined by their economic models, then the advent of digital currencies can be properly directed to address some of our most pressing issues.

The hunter and gatherer age used barter as an economic model with power held by tribal leaders, the agricultural age used gold or silver and power was held by monarchs or churches, the industrial age brought us fiat currencies controlled by governments, and now in the information age we have decentralized cryptocurrencies that empower individuals to co-create our own digital communities.

We made the above video back in 2009, while working on our pre-cursor to the SPADES Community, the PEACE PORTAL.  The predictions we made way back then are even more relevant today than they were is 2009.  One of our main purposes as a community is to provide a social networking location for peace-builders, and a means for those they are helping (generally the impoverished) to earn their way out of poverty by using tools of technology.

The best way to create a sustainable future, is to provide ways for people to earn a living that rely on elements of human creativity, versus taking from the natural environment.  By providing a community, more opportunities become available for the members to find remote, information based jobs.  It is our hope that the SPADES Community will help in achieving these goals.    

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