Charity Related Videos

SPADES Community will from time to time do interviews with the charities we support, and even charitable projects we have yet to support.  You will find those videos on this page.

Members of this community may nominate, and vote for the charitable organizations they wish to next receive a SPADES Charitable award.  Nominate here.  To vote, login and click the “Vote” tab in your dashboard navigation options. We generally donate between 50,000 and 100,000 SPADES Tokens to each organization chosen for a SPADES Award.

To see who has received an award, please visit here.


More Videos

SPADES Community interview with Gemma Bulos, the Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Global Women’s Water Initiative.  Global Women’s Water Initiative transforms women from being passive recipients of failed water projects into water providers!  Their website is

This particular video begins with Gemma asking questions about cryptocurrency, then we get into what the charity does.

SPADES Community discussions with Terra Renee of AAWIC (African American Women In Cinema), located at African American Women in Cinema – Filmmakers, Producers, Movies (

Also discussed in this video are basics of crypto, utility Tokens versus security Tokens/Coins, the importance of crypto in the world, and some further explanation on the Prosperity Program.

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