Nominate a charity, non-profit, or school to be the recipient of a SPADES Charitable Token Award!

Fill out the form below to nominate an organization for our SPADES Charitable Awards program.  We will review your nomination, and if it is a verified cause, allow your nomination to be posted for a vote by the community.  To support your nominee, we suggest you create a group for the organization and promote their good works to rally the Members for their vote!

Charitable Awards Nomination Form

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Who are you nominating to receive a charitable award
What is website of the organization? If they don't have a website put N/A and explain why
Who should we contact at the organization?
Provide the email of the person at the organization
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Tell us why have you chosen this organization to nominate
Please type "confirm" or "unconfirmed" that contact person at organization is aware of the SPADES community, and this nomination
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