Increase your business with support from our Spades' community by accepting SPADES Tokens through your online business (coming soon). With the soaring interest in Crypto Currencies, you will only double your popularity if you start accepting crypto payments online. It is, probably, one of the smartest financial moves an entrepreneur could make right now. Current businesses that will be accepting SPADES Tokens include:

Animation Impossible

Ai Productions combines videos, motion graphics, and animations using a variety of mediums that can be shared in multiple ways. We call our style, Mixed Reality Marketing (MRM), and it works!

Creating Life Contracts

It’s about changing your life contracts to increase the joy, love, and satisfaction you experience in life. Let go of old contracts and then replace them with new ones that result in greater wealth, happiness, and self awareness.

True Pursuit Consulting

Dispute Debt Collectors! True Pursuit assists and documents the process by which you can verify the validity of your unsecured debts by using federal laws.


Securely sell or license your digital content as “NFT’s on this one simple platform. Users can be paid out in Spades Tokens!


Technologies that range from a Digital-Rights-Exchange, next generation Blockchains, business information

and management systems and more that can be combined in virtually unlimited ways.

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