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To address economic growth of those living in poverty, particularly in emerging markets where many people subsist on less than $5.00 a day, and for them to grow without further depleting natural resources of their local eco-systems will require something entirely new – access to the Information Age.

Our Mission

Connect projects and beneficiaries on the ground with the entire SPADES collective of Members, beneficiaries, and partners from charitable and business sectors in order to:

  • Develop buildings with computers, clean energy, and staff;
  • Create schools for kids and adults in the computer room;
  • Offer a place to exchange locally made goods or services using SPADES that are convertible to “local credits”;
  • Provide health care access with telemedicine technology; and
  • Install Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Community centers in locations globally that connect individual users with Information Age options for accessing free education, global marketplaces, social interaction with other cultures, and a space for earning wealth where their account receives equal compensation for their labor.

Access Points provide a viable means for those in developing nations to end the cycle of poverty by accessing the global marketplace where they can sell or license their music and art (even NFTs), participate in knowledge jobs like affiliate marketing, publishing, and more. With a viable global cryptocurrency (SPADES) they bring wealth into their local community.

In the Information Age the poor will no longer be confined to creating wealth from their dwindling local natural resources, now their knowledge, talent and ideas become the basis for value. Value that is imported into their community, most likely by those most comfortable with new things, the youth. Teenagers using computers or cell phones can now – through the SPADES Community – earn by selling artwork as NFTs or for brochures to corporations, access remote programming jobs, self-publish culturally unique digital how-to videos and music albums, they may offer consultation, market affiliate products and much more. By exporting their knowledge and culture, they import wealth

With access to the global marketplace new vistas of educational and commercial potential become available, manifesting that potential is the work of Access Point Partners, such as our charitable partnerships.

Support, training, and services for accessing digital wealth in local goods and services will be need to supplement technology.

This is why SPADES Community puts extra focus on working with charities and non-profits who already have a footprint in areas of need.

We can supply computers, and some funding that comes from the release of SPADES Tokens on exchanges, the partners provide the educators on the ground, the space for people to use them, and a local cooperative credit bank.

Through a Co-op only a few need to know how to use computers to import wealth from the rest of the world, that wealth can then circulate through the entire village; craftsmen or farmers can drop off their goods to the Co-op for sales, the digital wealth earned can be used to pay for the farmers’ food (he/she then gets credits), the farmer then uses credits for buying dresses made by the dressmaker, and so forth.

Whole communities can prosper even if only a few know how to use technology as long as there is a local exchange in place to access and account for the digital wealth, then others in the community who do not use a computer can utilize (through trade) this wealth too.

Instead of earning “Points” they will be earning SPADES, which can be converted to local village trade credits.
The companies listed in the above picture are just examples, SPADES business and charitable partners will be filling their roles.

One of our more innovative support projects, called a SCALE, charters a co-operative at the local level. A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations. Working closely with the Prosperity Program, all Access Points are provided a step-by-step plan for implementing a local private community Co-operative, inclusive:

1. Wallets for each individual participant that provides an accounting and aggregating of individual community Member funds, such as the farmers, dressmakers, and the computer users – this application is run off-line and replaces the old general store style book ledger with secure and easier automated community accounting systems. SPADES charitable partners will provide staffing for the SCALE administrative needs until such time as a local community council may choose to take over the responsibility for themselves.

2. A support staff made up of various SPADES Partners and Members which help people (virtually and in-person when possible) with increasing their wealth by doing such things as distributing their digital content (art, NFTs, music) by helping them in creating digital content themselves, how to take digital photos of hand-crafted goods and sell them via the SPADES Auction and Marketplace, as well as other support as appropriate.

3. Distribution networks for the relay, delivery, and tracking of physical goods and services moving into and out of the Access Points.

4. Access to conversion of the SPADES Tokens or SPADES Community Credits into the Co-op Trustees public currency of choice.

5. Help in establishing private regional trading platforms between Access Point Co-ops, with emphasis on attaining regional self-sustainability.

PARTNERS: No one, two, or even ten organizations can challenge our planetary problems alone, a coordinated effort is required by all groups working everywhere, we all need a rallying point; therefore the SPADES Community strives to connect complimentary projects with active organizations globally, volunteers, and supporting technologies.

Join Us

To become a partner in the ACCESS POINT Projects, or to create your own local Co-op, please contact us by email to:

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