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SPADES Token Community is maintained and governed through a duly authorized entity, the “SPADES CHARITABLE OVERSIGHT & PROTECTIVE EXECUTORS” (SCOPE).

The purpose of SCOPE is to provide an organizational structure with bylaws, Boards, Committees, and decision-making processes that ensure proper stewardship of the proceeds from the SPADES Token offerings in achieving our defined humanitarian goals. SCOPE is registered as a 508 charitable organization in the U.S.A., EIN No. 86-3448371.

Specifically, the Charter and Declaration indentures defines the purpose of the organization as follows: “The Self-Supported Organization defined by this Declaration is organized for charitable, educational, spiritual, beneficent purposes, and specifically the betterment of life on planet Earth.” Put simply, SCOPE is a private outreach organization.

The organization has a Board of Directors, and a Board of Advisors. Several Committees have been created, and as needed other Committees will be formed by a vote of the Board as needed. Additionally, any Members of this community may create an ad hoc Committee using the groups function in this site, and as appropriate will be invited to make reports to the Board of Advisors.

All participants of the organization from Directors to Advisors to Committee Members are currently volunteers. A management entity has been contracted by SCOPE to deal with the commercial aspects of this endeavor such as paying for site hosting, programmers, contractors such as graphic designers, and all commercial aspects so that SCOPE may remain a decision-making, oversight, and not-for-profit entity devoid of employees.


At present, the following Committees have been established:​

Tokenomics Committee: Tokenomics deals with understanding the supply and demand characteristics of a cryptocurrency. This Committee is established to determine the most efficacious ways and means for release of the SPADES token over time.SPADES, as an “asset” on the TRON protocol does not require the mining of SPADES for transactions, therefore SPADES will be released in other means, at present through the controlled grant releases to charitable partners, through a soon-to-be released community participation program, and lastly through exchanges that SPADES become listed upon. Visit our Tokenomics page here.

Audit Committee: Our Audit Committee reviews all the spending and costs associated with the maintenance and growth of the project. The Committee Chair makes a monthly report to the Board at a joint Directors and Advisors meeting. Spending is analyzed, projected future costs for the project are determined, and a budget is then provided by the Audit Committee to the Board for approval.

Charitable Committee: Our Charitable Committee reviews organizations that have been nominated by SPADES Community Members for support. To nominate, or debate about a particular nominee, please join our Charitable Support Group on the site. As programs are launched with certified (by us) charitable partners, this Committee will be responsible for assigning representatives to interact with those programs and to meet weekly with the Board to provide reports on program results.

Technology Committee: This Committee suggests new technology, and when approved, is responsible for overseeing the addition of new technologies to be utilized by the project. This includes things such as the SPADES Wallet, APPS for integrating with businesses that want to accept the SPADES Token, and additional functionalities for the back-end community of this site.

Special Projects Committee: This Committee looks into a variety of things requested by the Board that are not specific to another Committee. They analyze current and projected future needs of the organization, remit reports to the Board or to an appropriate Committee, and provide resolution processes when there is disagreement.

Dedicated To Being A Force for Good

Our team consists of a variety of people, all volunteers, from a wide range of backgrounds. The one thing we all have in common is a desire to improve the world we live in; crypto communities that work together have a unique opportunity in this day and age, we are here to ensure that opportunity is not lost.

Our primary Admin Team has worked for years on various socially responsible projects, both commercial and non-profit, including “Peace Day Podcasts” and the United Nations Peace Day Broadcasts that coordinated with over a hundred charitable peace-building organizations from around the globe.

Economics is a large part of peace-building, addressing poverty is a critical factor, one of our main intended purposes is to provide a means for those in poverty, wherever they may live, to access the wealth potential that information technologies now offer.

We welcome additional volunteers to work with us on this project, if you would like to do so, please contact us.

As we move forward, we will be adding charities and non-profit projects that will be supported by the 10% of the minted Tokens set aside for just that purpose. You will also be able to voice your choice for who gets that support.

We thank you for joining us in this endeavor and encourage your participation in this community.

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