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The time has come for a non-profit community that directly supports people and planet.

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The 3-Part SPADES Process

All Aspects of the SPADES Ecosystem Support the Whole.


SPADES Community Purpose

The purpose of this community is to provide people from all across the globe with a safe and equitable location to earn, learn, and prosper from new technologies. 

An equal playing field, using the same “community currency”, allows people from diverse nations, backgrounds, talent pools, and cultures to come together and create something that will be of benefit to everyone who participates. Explore further!


SPADES Charitable Awards

Each month our community releases SPADES Tokens as “Awards” to various charitable and not-for-profit organizations. 

Become a Member to nominate and vote for the charity of your choice. SPADES Admin (SCOPE) has allocated 10% (100 Million) of our Tokens for charitable release over the next 20 plus years.

See who has received an Award here.


SPADES Cryptocurrency Token

Our token’s purpose is to provide a cause-based, stable, and ever-increasing storehouse of value for the backing of community currencies. 

When anything is purchased on this site (with regular or crypto currencies), that value is immediately utilized to purchase SPADES Tokens on exchanges. This continual buying creates “demand” that should increase the value of the SPADES Token, and protect it from volatility.

The SPADES Token

SPADES Tokens on

Stake Your SPADES

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Why Own SPADES Tokens?

The reason a cryptocurrency is minted for, combined with how the proceeds are distributed, defines the purpose and utility of that token. 

SPADES Tokens were minted to support charities and individuals, making SPADES a cause-based community cryptocurrency.

We also encourage community decision-making, offer utility for businesses, and are dedicated to transparency.

SPADES Website

Community, Commerce, & Communication

Our mission is to provide an integrated cause-based Community specifically designed to support people, non-profits, and the planet.

Our purpose is to provide a place where people can start with nothing, even the unbanked, and start earning into the digital economy by offering classes, events, through affiliate marketing, or offering their own digital products or services. 

SPADES Token Vs. Cloud Credit

SPADES Community utilizes a community site “Cloud Credit” for internal transactions to avoid blockchain transaction fees, and lengthy waits for consensus. 

Cloud Credits can be converted to SPADES Tokens,  utilized for purchases in the community shop, or traded between Members as a barter credit.  Cloud Credits can be used for exchanges between Members of any group on the platform with no fee for transfers.

Explore further!

Access To Global Wealth

SPADES Solutions


Help Your Community Prosper with a S.C.A.L.E.

Featured International Charitable Award Winner

Everyone prospers together.


The SPADES Ecosystem

Get a wallet to hold SPADES Tokens

In order to purchase, or receive SPADES Tokens from earnings in this community, you will need a SPADES Wallet address to receive your Tokens. 

The easiest way to get your SPADES Wallet, is to add it as an extension on your computer, using a Chrome Browser. 

The video to the right shows you how to set up your TronLink SPADES Wallet in less than 5 minutes. 

Please watch slowly, pause where needed, and follow the steps. You can also add this same wallet on your phone, using the same process.

Wallets to hold SPADES, besides TronLink, can be found here.

How We Got Here

Discover the fascinating decade plus journey to the creation of the SPADES Community and Cause-Based Token here

Become a Business Partner

Increase your business with support from our community by accepting SPADES Tokens through your online business. Contact us to find out how.

Community Navigation and Banking

Introducing the Global Barter "Cloud Credit"

SPADES Community Orientation

Cloud Credits for Barter &
Purchase of SPADES Tokens

SPADES Community Features

Sell or buy in our stores and online auctions.

Create your own groups, or
join in others.
Like FB but even better.
No ads.

Share events or classes, free or sell tickets.

You have a voice in community decisions.

Find a job.
Post a job.

Sell just about anything  — digital downloads, memberships, exclusive content, and more.

Our purpose is to utilize cryptocurrency in a way that supports individuals, charitable causes, and socially-responsible businesses by providing an equitable and safe place for people from all across the globe – including the unbanked from the developing world – to meet as equals, make decisions together, respect cultures, sell things, and earn a shared currency. 


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